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When Is It Time For Living Assistance Services?

Feb 1, 2016 by Anonymous

Deciding when it is time for living assistance services for your older loved one maybe one of the most demanding decisions you'll make in your lifetime. However, you have to keep in mind that making the right choice will affect your parent's overall well-being and quality of life.                                                                                   

The Decision to Hire Living Assistance

Many people struggle with this decision because it activates feelings of guilt and possibly even inadequacy. You may wonder whether you are being selfish for not taking on all of the responsibilities of caregiving for your parent. However, keep in mind that hiring an in home care professional will only improve your parent's life and they will thank you for it.


Most people decide for living assistance services after they or a loved one have gone through a major medical event, such as surgery or stroke. This is because they will need intensive medical care even after they leave the hospital and living assistance professionals are trained to administer professional care. If your loved one is suffering from a chronic illness, such as diabetes or heart failure, this would also be a good time to start looking into living assistance services. The same is true if your older loved one is disoriented or not fully alert.


During this process of deciding when the right time for living assistance services, keep in mind that care professionals can only improve your parent's quality of life and therefore overall happiness. It's hard sometimes to face old age, both for you and your parent, but it is necessary to deal with obstacles and to help your loved one continue living at home independently.

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