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Managing Arthritis With In Home Care

Jan 21, 2016 by Anonymous

Arthritis is a harsh disease that can make it difficult for a person to live with dignity and without pain. If your older loved one is suffering from this condition, home care could significantly improve their quality of life. 


So, what is arthritis? Basically, it's a catchall term for some 100 different joint diseases. The reality is that a majority of seniors suffer from the most common form - osteoarthritis. If osteoarthritis - and all other forms of arthritis, for that matter - are not properly managed, they can leave your older loved one in a lot of pain and end up seriously affecting their mobility.


It's sad to note that in some instances, the disease advances despite proper treatment. If your older loved one finds it near impossible to carry out simple everyday tasks such as taking out the trash or washing dishes, they may be ready and could greatly benefit from having a home care professional around.

Managing Arthritis with Home Care from Comfort Keepers of Enfield, CT

We know that when most people think of arthritis, they picture people having a bit of joint trouble or maybe even stiff joints. However, they do not consider it an overtly debilitating disease, much less one that may require round the clock assistance. This of course doesn't make the condition any more or less debilitating and you should not be taking into consideration what other people have to say when making decisions that will greatly impact your older loved ones life. Seeking the help of a home care professional doesn't mean you don't care about your parent. What you will be doing is quite the opposite actually. You will be making a decision that will impact their life for the better and they'll thank you for it.


A trained home care professional will make sure your parent eats healthy and is active. They will also help prevent falls. These are all major life style measures crucial for anyone living with arthritis.


Take some time to talk to your parent about getting home care help around the house. Above all, make sure to first listen to their needs before making any decisions.



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