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Cooking With Trained Senior Helpers from Comfort Keepers

Feb 5, 2016 by Anonymous

Was your parent always the lead cook in your household? Was this activity a large part of their identity and played a huge role in how they saw and identified themselves? Now that their ability to do things on their own has diminished, have you noticed that they are losing track of things or becoming depressed? Senior helpers could play a great role in your parents gaining back their confidence by assisting them in preparing meals, which could improve your parent's overall quality of life and sense of self.

Trained Senior Helpers in Anderson, SC & the Joy of Cooking

To begin with, senior helpers provided by a home care agency will be able to assist your parents in getting groceries. If your loved one's mobility is impaired, or they are not physically able to take going to the grocery store anymore, senior helpers can still include them in the process by discussing the grocery list with them or planning out meals. This way, your parent will still feel useful even though they won't be going to the actual grocery store themselves.


Once they've gone to the grocery store, senior helpers, such as those from Comfort Keepers, can assist your parent in the process by preparing all the ingredients before the actual cooking starts. They will consult with your parents about how the preparation should be done, further including them. Another part of this is that your parent will be enjoying foods they've always loved exactly the way they like them.  


Although your parent will be well aware of the fact that cooking in this manner is not the same as it was when they were at their prime, they will still be very thankful to both their senior helpers and you for being included in the activity. Each and every one of us has an urge to feel useful, and if your parent has always enjoyed cooking, this will be a great outlet for them, resulting in a higher quality of life and ultimately their happiness. 

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