In Home Care for the Piedmont, SC Community


Find out how in home care can help seniors live comfortably at home.


Medical and psychological challenges often place seniors in difficult situations, especially when it comes to living at home. Many seniors want to remain in a safe, pleasant, and familiar home environment, but many find themselves unable to provide all their own care. The good news is that with in-home care, seniors can safely remain in the comfort and convenience of their own home while receiving the care and support they need to remain independent.


Why Choose In Home Care in Piedmont, SC?


In-home care is not just available for seniors with long-term needs, such as chronic or progressive conditions. Home care is also available for those requiring short-term support to help with the recovery from an illness, injury, or medical procedure. In fact, Comfort Keepers specializes in hospital to home transitioning support as well as dementia and Alzheimer's care.


A key advantage to in-home care is the ability to customize the services and supports to meet an individual's specific needs. In addition to the services, home care also has flexible schedules so the care is provided when your loved one needs it and not according to a set care schedule.


Common in-home care supports include


            Light housekeeping                Laundry                         Meal preparation

            Medication Management        Bathing                        Grooming

            Eating support                        Toileting                       Dressing

            Running errands                     Grocery shopping        Local transportation


With Comfort Keepers, each support is provided through the company's trademarked Interactive Caregiving model of service. This means that the senior, and not the task, is the center of focus. Seniors do not just receive physical assistance, they are treated as valued members of the community and engaged socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Not only does this increase a senior's sense of self-worth, but it decreases the risks of social isolation, loneliness, and depression.


For more information about in-home care or to find out how Comfort Keepers can help your senior loved one maximize their independence and quality of life, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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