Elder In Home Care & Companionship In Belton, SC

Learn how elder in home care and companionship helps seniors in Belton, SC to stay engaged and active around the home.

Social isolation tends to increase with age. There are many reasons a senior may socialize less, including retirement, the death of a spouse, and any number of medical conditions. Today, in the United States, a quarter to a third of seniors over the age of 65 live alone, and more and more do not have children. While living alone or not having children does not automatically mean that a senior will be lonely, surveys indicate that more and more seniors are unhappy with their level of social interaction. In fact, a recent University of California, San Francisco study found that more than 40 percent of seniors experience loneliness on a regular basis.

Comfort Keepers Elder In Home Care in Belton, SC

The good news is that if your senior loved one seems to be struggling with loneliness or a lack of social interaction, there are elder in home care options available that can help. Loneliness can lead to inactivity. Sometimes, having somebody to share the moment or event with is all it takes to get going again.

Comfort Keepers companion care services provide seniors with compassionate support and assistance. Companion care providers do not just provide essential in-home assistance with daily living tasks or personal care, but they also assist seniors with their mobility, encourage them to eat the right foods, and help them exercise and keep active.

Other activities elder in home care companion providers assist with include:

            Local transportation                Day trips                      Accompaniment to appointments

            Exercise                                   Shopping                     Joining a sports league

            Seeing a move                         Gardening                   Scrapbooking

In other words, Comfort Keepers companion care providers take the time to find out what your senior loved one likes, dislikes, finds interesting, or is passionate about. Since each aspect of Comfort Keepers in home care is personalized and tailored a senior's unique needs, caregivers ensure that activities and interactions are meaningful.

In short, there are many reasons a senior may become lonely or withdraw socially. With Comfort Keepers elder in home care companions, there are even more reasons that they don't need to. 

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