Senior Home Care & Mobility Assistance In Anderson, SC

Our devoted senior home care providers can help your parent in Anderson, SC continue living independently.

Comfort Keepers of Anderson, SC, offers specialized services to seniors with mobility problems and physical limitations. Mobility issues can take a toll on various aspects of your parent’s life. Many seniors may not be able to take proper care of themselves anymore or they may find it nearly impossible to leave their home alone.

With the help of Comfort Keepers of Anderson, SC, your loved one does not have to move to a nursing facility. We provide comprehensive senior home care services to seniors who need mobility assistance. These services can allow your loved one to increase mobility while receiving high-quality care in the comfort of their home.

Our caregivers have all undergone extensive training to provide the best possible care to seniors regardless of the cause of their mobility problems. Whether your parent sustained an injury that led to mobility impairment or suffers from an illness that hindered their mobility, we can help them regain and maintain independence through mobility assistance. If needed, we also offer transferring and positioning.

Apart from assisting seniors indoors, senior home care experts can provide support outdoors. This is particularly beneficial for seniors who rarely leave their home due to mobility impairment. Some seniors are just not comfortable going outside, others are worried about their safety. Knowing that they can rely on a professional caregiver can change that.

The opportunity to engage in physical activity is another benefit of going outdoors. Seniors who use a walker or crutches can slowly walk around their neighborhood whereas those who are in a wheelchair can, for example, consider Pilates or water exercises. A senior home care provider can suggest exercises for people with mobility problems and help your parent perform them. If aquatic aerobics is something your parent would like to try, a caregiver can find a senior-friendly group they can join in Anderson, SC.

Comfort Keepers offer transferring and positioning, too. These services are developed primarily for bedridden clients and those seniors who use a wheelchair. It is of crucial importance to carefully move and properly position a senior with very limited mobility because it improves circulation and prevents ulcers and bedsores from developing. It can also contribute to improved digestion and breathing.

As part of mobility assistance services, senior home care professionals provide companionship as well. A caregiver can take your parent to senior facilities in the area or to the local park. They can accompany your parent to their religious organization or the doctor’s office. Most importantly, your parent will not be alone with Comfort Keepers of Anderson, SC.

If you are interested in learning more about mobility assistance or other services we provide in Anderson, SC, please contact us or call us at (864) 402-4077. 

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