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Some end of life situations end quickly and painlessly. Others linger on for months or years with chronic pain, loss of physical abilities, and cognitive degeneration. Some seniors view their end of life as a transition from one plane of existence into another better one others face death with anxiety, questions, and fear. Despite the many differences in individual end of life situations, there are several things that are always true. For example, every senior wants their life to end peacefully, with dignity, and without pain and suffering.


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End of life care, also known as hospice, is a team-based approach to helping people die with dignity. The foundation of hospice is palliative care, which provides for a senior's comfort and daily living support. While palliative care is available at any time during an individual's serious illness or injury and may be combined with curative treatments, end of life services is only available during the final six months of a senior's life and does not start until curative or restorative measures have ceased. Palliative care under hospice generally focuses more on pain reduction and may even involve narcotics that limit an individual's consciousness.


Comfort Keepers end of life care provides seniors with non-medical services and supports designed to help them maintain independence and freedom with maximizing the quality of their finals days, weeks, and months.


End of life care also provides support for family members by reducing their stress and anxiety. Many family members want to spend time with their loved one without worrying about providing personal care, eating support, or cleaning, making meals, or doing laundry. Comfort Keepers home care takes care of these supports and services, so family members can spend as much time as possible with their loved one.


In short, end of life care is an essential part of dying with dignity. To learn more about Comfort Keepers end of life care support, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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