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Learn about the ways Alzheimer's care supports you and your senior loved one.


Providing Alzheimer's care for a loved one can be challenging, but you do not have to go through it alone. Comfort Keepers is there to stand by you through the many challenges of this progressive disease. The truth is that most family caregivers do not even realize how overwhelmed, tired, and exhausted they are until they finally get a chance to take a break. With Comfort Keepers Alzheimer's care, caregivers can take a break before things get out of hand.


When a senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, they do not suddenly lose all their memories, cognition, and abilities. The disease progresses over time, slowly eroding a senior's ability to think, remember, and function. Family caregivers typically step in during the early-middle stage of the disease. The care is generally light and can be done without too much time or effort.


How Does Alzheimer's Care Help in Seneca, SC?


Before long, however, a senior becomes unable to care for themselves in more and more areas of life. Yet, because the degradation is gradual, caregivers may not notice the changes are happening until, one day, they realize they have not been sleeping, socializing, or taking care of their own needs.


To keep Alzheimer's care from becoming overwhelming, Comfort Keepers provides several supports. For example, their professional caregivers can help you understand the stages of the disease, how the disease impacts a senior, and how to best deal with those changes.


The professional intervention also provides an outside perspective on your loved one's progress. This keeps changes from sneaking up on you.


Preventing caregiver burnout is often as easy as taking frequent respite breaks. Comfort Keepers caregivers make it easier to take time off from care since family members know their loved one is in good hands. Starting early, while the senior is still in the middle stages of the disease, can make respite transitions and breaks easier later.


For more information on Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's care, and how Comfort Keepers can help, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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