Senior Care Can Provide Transportation To Aging Adults In Easley, SC

Find out about the transportation services available in Easley, SC through Comfort Keepers senior care.

When seniors need to get out of the house to keep appointments, social engagements, or simply to clear their head and enjoy the great outdoors, transportation becomes an important element of senior care. Sadly, many seniors lose their ability to drive, and public transportation is either unavailable, unreliable, or not reasonably accessible. Too often the result is physical and social isolation, depression, and a decline in both physical and emotional health. In these cases, Comfort Keepers transportation services can literally be a lifesaver and become a vital part of the senior care plan.

Comfort Keepers does not simply address the physical needs involved with senior care. As part of their interactive caregiving model of care, Comfort Keepers addresses each area of a senior's life: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive. Access to effective, efficient, and safe transportation is an important element of each of these areas.

The Senior Care Plan & Transportation

With Comfort Keepers, seniors are not simply placed in a random taxi and sent off. Instead, Comfort Keepers caregivers can help a senior prepare for their time out, may accompany them during their outing, and are available to ensure seniors arrive home safely and are comfortably re-settled. 

Recently, many Comfort Keepers locations made transportation services even better and more accessible. A relationship with Lyft, a national on-demand transportation service, has taken senior transportation to the next level. Seniors simply contact their local Comfort Keepers office and the Comfort Keepers/Lyft concierge relationship takes care of the rest. Seniors do not need smartphones, apps, cash, or credit cards. They simply require a place to go and a time to get there. Best of all, Lyft transportation is highly accessible, accommodating both wheelchairs and walkers.

In short, important elements of maintaining one's independence while aging in place with senior care include the ability to get out of the home, keep appointments, and maintain a healthy social life. Comfort Keepers transportation services make this possible, even when driving and public transportation are no longer viable options. 

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