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Funding Options For Elderly Home Care Services In Anderson, SC

There are several options to consider, based on your loved one’s unique care needs.

When you begin financial planning for elderly home care services, there are a few factors to consider.

Firstly, the cost of care varies according to the type and degree of care needed. Obviously, live-in and full-time care are more expensive than part-time care. Similarly, specialized types of care such as dementia and Alzheimer’s care usually cost more than standard home care services.

Secondly, for millions of Americans, in home care is a better, more viable solution than nursing homes, which can cost up to $6,000 per month! In addition to being more affordable, in home care services are more personalized, providing your loved one with the help and support they need to maintain independence in the comfort of their own home.

Finally, in home care enables family members to remain active participants in the care their loved ones receive. Basically, you can still look after your loved one, but you do not have to consider reducing the number of hours at work or missing career opportunities. As a result, you will maintain your financial stability, which is rarely the case with full-time family caregivers.

Still, despite these obvious benefits that come with in home care, you might be wondering how you or your loved one will pay for these services. There are several options, including Medicare, Medicaid and state programs, insurance, veteran benefits, and self-financing.

Unfortunately, Medicare rarely covers the expenses of long-term senior care. Medicaid is a better solution, but keep in mind that not everyone can qualify for financial aid. Care insurance can cover the cost of elderly home care services, but the problem is that premiums tend to rise with the age of the purchaser. Veteran benefits enable senior veteran and the surviving spouses of eligible veterans to receive appropriate care. As for self-financing, it is not uncommon that seniors and their families use out-of-pocket assets to pay for in home care, as it gives them more freedom in deciding the type and amount of care for their loved one.

If you have any questions about funding elderly home care services, Comfort Keepers of Anderson, SC, can help you reach an informed decision. Please contact us, or call us at (864) 402-4077 for professional advice.

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